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Yacht Invest: your own yacht - make your dreams come true

Yacht Purchase - Yacht Management - Yacht Charter Marketing

Rely on our long-time experience of more than 40 years and benefit from our developed network of charter partners worldwide.


How to generate the profit by owning a yacht? A big part of the purchase price and maintenance costs are covered by the rental for the yacht. We take care of your berth, maintenance, surveillance, cleaning and management. Your yacht will always be in top visual and technical condition The return of investment starts immediately with the rental of your yacht.


Yacht investment is a matter of trust. The success, especially the long-term maintenance of value depends significantly on the choice of the appropriate partner. We provide advice on the selection of the appropriate model, equipment, purchase and financing programmes.


Furthermore, we take care of shipping and delivery, customs clearance, mooring, maintenance, yacht management etc.





Contact us for further Information

Tel: +43-1-81 444

E-mail: office@masteryachting.com

Investment Models


Charter revenues at 22 charter weeks 124.630,00
  Discounts, commissions and VAT - 57.886,00
  Yacht insurance - 3.224,00
  Berth fees - 7.652,00
  Annual survey, legal expenses, taxes - 900,00
  Maintenance costs  - 1.900,00
  Service; max. - 2.800,00
  Spare parts and materials; max. - 2.000,00
  External services; max. - 1.400,00
  Annual service and repairs; max - 1.000,00

AQUILA 44 Power Catamaran

Charter revenues at 16 charter weeks 223.200,00
  Discounts, commissions and VAT - 100.649,00
  Yacht insurance - 7.150,00
  Berth fees - 11.278,00
  Annual survey, legal expenses, taxes - 900,00
  Maintenance costs  - 4.200,00
  Service; up to - 3.000,00
  Spare parts and materials; up to - 3.500,00
  External services; up to - 1.700,00
  Annual service and repairs; up to - 1.200,00

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