Катамаран Lagoon 450 S

The new Lagoon 450 S

Replacing a catamaran, which has become a benchmark in its class, is always a difficult task. The architects from VPLP have mastered together with Lagoon and the proven design office Nauta exactly this challenge with flying colors by have the Lagoon 450 S developed.

The Lagoon 450 is available in versions FlyBridge and Sportop immediately.

Lagoon competence

Manufacture in infusion techniques for weight saving (important for a catamaran), optimized structures, protection of human health and environment.

Interior design with eco-friendly Alpi® veneers (surface quality: light oak or teak).

Vertical windows for better protection against the sun and optimized sense of space.

Optimized bridge deck (gullwing design)for higher comfort in heavy seas.

VPLP Design guarantees performance sailing.

Nauta Design - Specialist in elegance and comfort.



Фото Виртуальный тур

Lagoon 450S Küche
Lagoon 450S Küche 2
Lagoon 450S Tisch
Lagoon 450S Couch draußen
Lagoon 450S Bett
Lagoon 450S Badezimmer
Lagoon 450S Couch drinnen
Lagoon 450S Bett 2
Lagoon 450S Bett 3
Lagoon 450S Bett 4
Lagoon 450S Familie
Lagoon 450S von hinten
Lagoon 450S von rechts hinten
Lagoon 450S von hinten 2
Lagoon 450S von links
Lagoon 450S von links 2
Lagoon 450S von rechts
Lagoon 450S grundaufbau
Lagoon 450S grundaufbau 2

Технические характеристики

Длина 13,96 м
Ширина 7,84 м
Осадка 1,30 м
Водоизмещение 15,5 т
Площадь парусов 134, 5 м²
Мощность двигателя (кВт/л.с.) 2 x 45 / 2 x 57
Каюты 4
Спальные места 6
Гальюны 3 / 4

Общая информация

Верфь Lagoon
Модель 450 S

от 404.400 € €

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