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Aquila Catamarans: The future is power

Aquila Yachts represents the newest and most exciting evolution on the market today offering practicality and comfort with trend setting innovation, quality and design. Both inside and out, Aquila Catamarans are designed to provide the perfect cruising vessel whether you’re crossing oceans or traveling the Great Loop, living aboard or exploring worldwide destinations, or simply entertaining friends and family at the dock.

Uncompromising design briefs, coupled with advanced industry experience, engineering and manufacturing by world class builders, make up the Aquila line of true pure-bred power catamarans. 

The expanding Aquila range currently consists of the Aquila 36, Aquila 44 and Aquila 48 and we are proud to have set the new standard of excellence in great boating experiences.

Why buy Aquila

Aquila Power Catamarans was developed by the most talented group in the yachting industry with unmatched expertise and breadth of experience, creating a power catamaran unlike any other in both the private and charter markets.  

Aquila established a new standard in power cat innovation, changing the game in the power catamaran marketplace with the perfect blend of form, function, and innovation.  Leading the way in the market segment, Aquila continues to pave the way with strong international sales of the award-winning brand.


- Pure Power Cats from inception (Aquila 44 and Aquila 48)

- Tank-tested hulls

- Utilization of true power boat systems



-  Fully resin infused with vinyl ester resin

- Balsa core in hull completely sealed between blocks

- All structural bulkheads are resin infused

- Heavy-duty shatter proof glass windows

- Crash box forward and aft

- Dedicated engine room

- Simple engine maintenance


On-Board Experience

- Central Hand hold on transom steps (Aquila 48)

- Fly bridge Access from inside saloon (Aquila 48)

- Two stair access forwards from fly bridge (Aquila 48)

- Fully integrated inside steering position (Option available)

- Fully finished headliner with wood trim and accent lighting

- Aft deck steps designed for convenience and comfort when boarding and also sitting for relaxation

- Excellent storage all round

- Memory foam on beds

- All edges laminated and soft round curves

- Door frames trimmed with laminated wood



- Glass induction stove

- Electric griddle in galley (Aquila 48)

- Microwave/convection oven

- Variable temperature transom showers

- Stainless steel mooring cleats


Brand Story

Construction of Aquila power catamarans began in 2012 through a partnership between Sino Eagle Group and MarineMax, the world’s largest power boat dealer. This partnership was first established when Sino Eagle Group began building the Aquila 38 specifically for MarineMax’s new charter business.

In 2012, experts from multiple development, design and manufacturing firms; Sino Eagle Group, J&J Design, Seaway and MarineMax all collaborated to expand the Aquila range by developing a new, purebred power cat.

This international team consisted of Lex Raas, a highly experienced boat developer and charter industry veteran, and J&J Design and their development arm, Seaway, who have worked on designs for Azimut, Bavaria, Beneteau, Dufour, Jeanneau and Monte Carlo. This highly regarded, award-winning group began the process of designing the first true Aquila Power Catamaran, the Aquila 48.

To position itself to become a prominent boat builder, Sino Eagle Group, recognized globally in high-tech composite manufacturing, built a new factory which provided the Aquila brand with full in-house manufacturing capabilities paired with in-depth knowledge and experience in advanced yacht building practices.

With the combined knowledge and advanced experience of the most talented group in the yachting industry, Aquila is establishing a new standard of power catamaran innovation and becoming the game changer in the marketplace.